Bread Improvers

Application & Contents

Raj Bread Improver R100 is a proven bread quality improver. R100 is a combination of Ascorbic acid, Wheat Flour, Enzymes, Emulsifier. R100 does not contain any synthetic coloring matter

Outstanding Properties / Advantages

  • It improves crumb softness in Breads and Rolls.
  • Acts as an anti-staling agent by preventing the migration of moisture from starch to protein, thus the Bread, Buns and Cakes remain fresh and soft for a longer period.
  • Provides distinct improvement in crust color from dull brown to golden brown.
  • Reduces requirement of fat as well as emulsifiers like G.M.S. or Lecithin.
  • Provides extra strength to the Gluten. and a dough development
  • It Functions as a natural Diabetes preventer.
  • Improves quality of bread based on volume, crumb score, crumb elasticity and crumb grain

Directions for Use

Dosage: R100 is recommended for use at 0.5% to 0.7% on flour weight. R100 is dry mixed with the flour required for effective results. The flour may then be processed as usual to make the dough.

Storage & Shelf-life

The shelf-life of this product is a minimum of 12 months from date of production provided it is stored in the tightly closed original packing.


Available in:
  • 10 Kgs. in a polyethylene bag in Kraft paper bag


Concentrate bread improver for several kinds of breads and baked goods.


It contains enzymes and emulsifiers to obtain excellent final product in low cost.

Percentage of use

20 gm. Per 50 kg flour.


Suggested Recipe Sandwich Toast Baguette Hamburger Milk Toast
Flour 50 kilos 50 kilos 50 kilos 50 kilos 50 kilos
Bread Improver Concentrate 20 Gm. 15 Gm. 20 Gm. 15 Gm. 20 Gm.


Enzymes, Datem, Gluten, Ascorbic Acid.


Available in:
  • Corrugated Box of 10 Kgs

Expiry Date

1 Year from the date of production.


In a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight .